Our house quilter is Debi Miller, a self-taught quilter from the Missouri Ozarks. One day, as she was putting the finishing touches on her country house, she realized that she needed a quilt to help make her house a home. Despite searching high and low, she could not find high-quality, artisan quilts with a modern edge that would work with her home. Armed with a basic sewing machine, she decided to try making her own, and the Half Pint Quilting Company was born!

Today, the Half Pint Quilting Company offers unique, artisanal quilts that are designed for modern homes but made with traditional patchwork methods and timeless quality. Our quilts are made with high quality batting and high thread count fabrics. They are meticulously hand-pieced and then quilted on a Gammill machine. All of our quilts are individually crafted in America.